We must try to look out for each other in this challenging profession. Sometimes we notice that friends and colleagues are not coping and it can be difficult to know what to do.


Vetlife is a charity which supports people working in the veterinary profession. 

It is completely independent of any other veterinary organisation and all support is free, independent and confidential. 

Vetlife Helpline

Vetlife Helpline offers support, by telephone on 0303 040 2551 or by an anonymous email service, to vets, veterinary nurses, students and any family or colleagues who are concerned about someone in the veterinary community.

Calls and emails are answered by a group of trained volunteers who have experience of the profession.  They will be there to listen and offer emotional support and a space to talk about how things are for you, whatever is on your mind. They offer empathetic support for work, emotional, addictive or financial problems and refer callers on for specialist advice where appropriate.

Vetlife Helpline is available to provide support 24-hours a day on every day of the year 0303 040 2551

Vetlife Health Support

Vetlife Health Support provides professional support for mental health, including issues related to stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol, drugs and eating disorders.

Call 07946 634220 or email healthsupport@vetlife.org.uk

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Well-being survey

During 2013 BVNA worked alongside Vetlife, launching a well-being survey for the veterinary nursing profession to explore the stress-factors which vet nurses are susceptible to. The survey received an excellent response with 1,258 surveys completed.


If you have any questions or comments please contact us - we would love to hear from you.

Please find below further support services that can help: