One of the questions frequently asked of the BVNA Office and Council team is 'What does being a BVNA Council member involve?'

Below you can find out a little more about the election process and how to become a BVNA Council member.

The key responsibilities for BVNA Council members are to represent the views of their members, represent the professionalism of the Association and be part of the decision making process on behalf of the Association.

This key role enables individuals to play a key role in the future of their own profession. Commitments include:-

  • Attending Council meetings held at the BVNA Office on Saturdays approximately every eight weeks
  • Undertaking one or more roles on behalf of BVNA Council including Internet or Publications Observer, Regional Coordinator Team Leader, VNJ Executive Editor etc
  • Preparation of papers for the Council meeting
  • At least weekly contact via email
  • Attending meetings with other professional bodies
  • Reviewing courses and books

The Election Process

The following voting process is implemented each year by BVNA in order to ask all BVNA full (RVN) members and student members to appoint new BVNA Council members.

  1. In March of each year, all full and student BVNA members are contacted and asked to nominate any full or student (subject to number of seats available) BVNA member they would like to stand for nomination onto the BVNA Council. The deadline to complete an online nomination form is the 30th April.
  2. In May, all nominees are checked to ensure they are full members and will be contacted to inform them they have been nominated and asked if they could confirm whether they are willing to stand.
  3. All nominees who are willing to stand will be required to provide a passport-sized head and shoulders photograph, details of their CV, and a manifesto. All nominees are then printed in the Veterinary Nursing Journal, and published on the BVNA website and social media sites.
  4. In July, all BVNA full and student (subject to number of seats available) members are contacted and sent a postal voting form (this only takes place if there are more nominees than Council seats available).
  5. In August all candidates standing for election are informed of the results. The successful candidates are invited to attend the Annual BVNA Congress on the Sunday in order to attend the Annual General Meeting at which their election is ratified (proposed and seconded).
  6. In November, the full new Council attend an induction meeting and their first Council meeting.