Feeding The Hospitalised Patient Thumb

Feeding The Hospitalised Patient

19th April 2017 from 7.00pm

Glasgow University

This CPD session is based around the importance of nutrition, especially in illness and recovery. We will look at and discuss diet properties and selections, nutritional calculations, assisted feeding and tube feeding.

£15 BVNA Members         £20 Non-BVNA Members

Airway Management Thumb

Airway Management

20th April 2017 from 6.30pm

Crediton, Devon

This CPD session will give a brief outline of current airway techniques offering some useful tips to improve both our patient care and our own safety.

Plus an introduction to the v-gel, supraglottic airway device, giving you the chance to hold, use and ask questions about this innovative device.

£15 BVNA Members      £20 Non-BVNA Members

Pet Travel & Vector Borne Diseases Thumb

Pet Travel & Vector Borne Diseases

26th April 2017 from 6.45pm

Swaffham - Norfolk

This CPD session will cover the PET Travel Scheme rules and regulations, plus the vector borne disease risk posed to pets travelling in Europe, whilst learning how to protect our pets when abroad from these  diseases.

In addition to this we will provide the knowledge on how to set up and successfully run travel clinics in practice.

**AMTRA accredited - 16 SQP Points - Reference: A2452**

£20 BVNA Members              £25 Non-BVNA Members

The Emergency Call; Triage & Initial Care Thumb

The Emergency Call; Triage & Initial Care

27th April 2017 from 7.00pm

Kettering - Northamptonshire

This CPD session will cover preparation and planning for emergency patients making those initial stressful minutes much easier. We will consider the emergency patient from the time the phone rings, through to the completion of a primary survey and instigation of initial treatment. 

£25 BVNA Members         £32 Non-BVNA Members

Rings Are For Doughnuts Not Skin Prep Thumb

Rings Are For Doughnuts Not Skin Prep

27th April 2017 from 7.00pm

Holiday Inn M40 JCT. 4, High Wycombe

The CPD presentation examines current methods for preparing patients for surgery in veterinary practices and looks at the evidence and methodology used in the human field. It encourages nurses to utilise this evidence to look for opportunities to improve their patient prep protocols and includes a practical session to demonstrate recommended protocols.

£20 BVNA Members                      £30 Non-BVNA Members