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Veterinary Receptionist

Veterinary ReceptionIn addition to the Veterinary Nurse or Practice Manager a Veterinary Receptionist is part of the essential practice staff team.

A Veterinary Receptionist is often the first person a new or existing client talks to on the telephone or sees when they visit their veterinary practice. Sometimes they need information or reassurance that their pet will receive the best care and attention.

The Veterinary Receptionist is therefore instrumental in creating the first impression in relation to the Veterinary Practice.

In addition to dealing with clients, Veterinary Receptionists can play a greater part of the practice team by dealing with financial aspects ie., invoices, payments etc, client records, and can assist the whole practice team and be a valuable team member.

Sometimes no training is required, and the veterinary practice provides in-house training however if somebody wanted to undergo external training there are several courses that could apply.

There are also courses in relation to a Veterinary Receptionists:

The Animal Care College 

Plumpton College

Hamilton Merce

The College of Animal Welfare

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