veterinary nursing journalVNJ - Veterinary Nursing Journal

VNJ is sent free to all BVNA members every month and is also available to view on-line.

VNJ (formerly known as the Veterinary Nursing Journal) has been the official journal for the British Veterinary Nursing Association since 1985.

In January 2005, VNJ was re-launched in a new monthly format to be mailed to all BVNA members and paying subscribers.  The VNJ is also now available to members electronically through the 'members only' section of the website.

Published by veterinary nurses for veterinary nurses, the monthly VNJ contains news from BVNA and the RCVS, reports from BVNA Council and the veterinary community plus articles covering both clinical and professional issues.

The journal also provides up-to-date information on CPD, and the latest research making it compulsive reading for all VNs and practice staff.

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Helen Ballantyne PG Dip BSc(Hons) RN RVN MBVNA

Commissioning Editor:

Sue Badger MEd CertEd VN MBVNA

News Editor:

Jean Turner RVN MBVNA



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