Congratulations to all the winners of our 2017 VNAM Competition

Wendy Nevins RVN, VNAM Committee Chair along with VNAM Committee Members Erika Feilberg RVN and Megan Whitehead RVN disclose their comments on this year's winners and runners-up each judging one of the categories. 

Category A | Best Display ‘Showing the role of the Veterinary Nurse’


Winner (£100 Amazon vouchers) 

Oakhill Veterinary Centre of Fulwood

Runner-up (£50 Amazon vouchers)

Avon Lodge Veterinary Group of Salisbury


Megan Whitehead who judged the Best Display entries commented 'I was so amazed by the effort that VNs all over the nation put into their displays! VNs are so dedicated to their patients AND to their profession, with heart and soul. Thank you to all those who participated in the competition.'

Category B | Best Event ‘Promoting the role of the RVN’

Winner: Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre of Halton (£200 Amazon vouchers)

On Thursday 18 May at 7.00pm Louise Scott RVN and the all the team at Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre hosted a FREE careers evening for those considering a career as either a veterinary nurse or Veterinary Surgeon. The idea came to Louise in March after she attended a local school careers event with fellow RVN Francesca Dawson.

Louise and Francesca wrote to all of the local secondary schools, advertised on social media and also rang the local radio stations promoting the event. This was followed up by contacting all Vet Schools and Vet Nursing Colleges requesting they provide course information and prospectuses for the students. All helped us out massively and sent a lot of information which we, and the delegates were extremely grateful for.

The team was amazed by the interest they received, and initially expecting about 60 people to turn up (which were still very pleased about!) this more than doubled on the night to 127 in attendance! A diverse array of people attended - students, mature students and a mixture of people wanting to be veterinary nurses or Vets.

The statistics on the practice Facebook page showed the event reached 10,000 people raising a huge amount of awareness about #whatvnsdo.

An exhibition was set up in the equine unit of the practice, with displays on the life of a veterinary nurse and Vet and refreshments were served whilst the team mingled with the public.

The team provided presentations for the evening as follows;

“The Veterinary Nurse -  Who are we? What do we do?...And why you should join us!” presented by Louise Scott VNCert(ECC) RVN. “The post graduate diploma in Veterinary Nursing” by Micheal Needs Grad.Dip RVN Head Nurse.  “What work experience do I need? What grades do I  need to be a Veterinary nurse or Vet?” by Francesca Dawson RVN. “Equine veterinary nursing” by Francesca Dawson RVN. “Life as a Small Animal Vet”  by Lisa Angus BVSc GPCert(SAM) MRCVS. “Life as an Equine vet” by Rachel Harrison-Osbourne BVM&S MRCVS.

At the end of each talk a show of hands was asked for which confirmed there was more interest in veterinary nursing than being a Vet. A lot of people admitted they did not know really what veterinary nursing was, or what role the RVN has in practice and were shocked by how much RVNs do.

Nearly all the vet and nurse team helped on the night which was great as it clearly showed the public who we all were and why we were so keen to share what we do.

Due to the demand and interest in the event a second event is being organised for the people that had to be turned away. The event even made it into the local newspaper!

Runner-up: Lowesmoor House Veterinary Centre of Worcester (£100 Amazon vouchers)

Lowesmoor House Veterinary Centre were chosen as runner up for their social media event advertised and held on their practice Facebook page as follows:

On the 29 April the following was posted:

At Lowesmoor Vets we are proud to have two passionate and dedicated Veterinary Nurses, and this May we will be shining a spotlight on their amazing work for Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month.

Our two Vet Nurses Chris and Tara, work alongside our Vets in our clinic providing care for our animals who come into us daily, providing medical treatment, carrying out minor surgery, monitoring anaesthesia, prepping animals for surgery and advising owners on the health and welfare of their pets! They also have a crucial role alongside our Vets; giving animals care before and after surgery. Our amazing Vet Nurses work tirelessly providing the highest quality of care for our animals, so we want to celebrate their significant contribution.

#whatvnsdo #vetnurseawarenessmonth

The 1st May and start of Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month saw the following post;

A selection of further posts from during the month:

To view the full month's posts please visit:

Erika Feilberg RVN who judged the Best Event / Social Media Event entries commented 'Wendover Heights careers event at the practice was excellent, with presentations from the staff that were aimed at encouraging young people into the profession. Also, their reach went so far during VNAM, with their facebook and twitter posts.  They really went above and beyond in campaigning to promote their profession!'

I thought Lowesmoor Vets Facebook posts really captured the RVNs varied role, and the nurses were clearly so passionate. Thank you to all those who participated in the competition.'

Category C | Best Selfie/Social Media Post

Winner: Westmorland Veterinary Group of Kirkby Lonsdale (£50 Amazon vouchers) 

Gayle Denny RVN being licked by Devon the Labrador, with Lauren Baxter RVN and Nicola Capstick, Student VN, who owns Devon!


Runner-up: House Veterinary Centre of Worcester (£25 Amazon vouchers)

Tara Sutton RVN and Chris Lloyd RVN with cuties Archie and Charlie!

Wendy Nevins who judged the Best Selfie/Social Media Post category said 'We received an overwhelming response to the category this year which is awesome, and proves the popularity and power of social media in promoting our message. I have thoroughly loved going through all the selfies and social media posts and would like to thank everyone who took the time and effort to support the campaign and make it such a success'.