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Past Webinars on Covid-19:

BVNA Covid-19: Update - 8th April

BVNA Covid-19: Student and Clinical Coach Q & A Session - 29th April

BVNA Covid-19 Self-Employed Veterinary Nurses Q & A Session - 6th May

BVNA Covid-19: Infection Control - Coronavirus and how to ensure effective disinfection - 13th May

BVNA Covid-19: Pregnancy and Maternity Leave during COVID-19 - 20th May 2020

BVNA Covid-19: The Veterinary Team: How to protect yourself & others around you - 27th May

BVNA Covid-19: Well-being and Mental Health - 3rd June

BVNA Covid-19: Tame your Team! How to get through the return to practice and stay sane - 10th June