The Election Process

The following voting process is implemented each year by BVNA in order to ask all BVNA full (RVN) members and student members to appoint new BVNA Council members.


Notice of Election

Notice of the BVNA’s intent to hold an election


Nominations open

Nominations for election candidates open. Candidates will receive acknowledgement of successful nomination.

30th April

Nominations close

No further nominations may be submitted after this date

13th May

Publication of Candidates

Candidates for the poll are published. Candidates may not withdraw after this date. If the election is uncontested then a statement will be made to reflect this.

1st June

Polls open

Voting starts

1200hrs Friday before second Saturday in July

Polls close

Voting stops

0900hrs Monday after second Saturday in July

Statement of Result

Results are published online

 Further key dates for successful candidates are below.

Second Saturday in September


New Council members are invited to observe Council and Committee meetings


Ratification of new Council Members

New Council members are ratified in the AGM at BVNA Congress

Second Saturday in November


Induction Weekend for new Council Members

For more information on the elections and the code of conduct, please read the documents below:

BVNA Elections: Guidance for Candidates

Code of Conduct for Council Members, Officers and Advisors

BVNA Elections: Rules and Constitution