I started my veterinary nursing journey 14 years ago and have experience in referral and first opinion settings. I enjoy mentoring and training both student and qualified nurses and am proud to be part of a profession that is so caring, compassionate and extremely driven to do the best they possibly can on any given day.

Over the years I have seen the massive steps taken to highlight the role veterinary nurses play in practice and ensure we are seen and accepted by clients and the business we work for. I feel that every nurse should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. This can be achieved by providing excellent continued professional development and student training. We should be striving to ensure that every nurse has the support, funds and opportunity to progress. Veterinary nurses are too often seen as a cost to a practice but when their expertise is utilised correctly and their time charged appropriately, they can be a huge asset, generating income and help to bond clients to the practice.   

Mental health and wellbeing is a subject very close to my heart and we have fantastic organisations such as Vetlife and Mind Matters available to the veterinary profession. But work still needs to be done in breaking the stigma around mental health in practice. If we openly discuss these issues it can be surprising how many other people have dealt with something similar and this can be a massive source of support and ensure people do not feel alone. We spend a large percentage of our time within practice and it should be a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for every member of the team, this can only be achieved with open honest conversation, supportive management teams and education to bust common myths about mental illnesses.