Jasmine Kilpatrick

I am a first year veterinary nurse student at Abbeydale Vetlink Training Ltd.

The veterinary nursing profession requires empathy, understanding and team work. Embracing these characteristics is what I endeavour to do, and these qualities plus many more are what I would bring to the student council.

Becoming a part of the BVNA’s student council will allow me to provide a supportive role to students across the country by bringing new innovative ideas, in regards to student training, professional development and educational support. This will not only allow the profession to develop, but will also ensure that all who qualify are of a high standard.

The BVNA promotes animal welfare through developing and supporting the role of veterinary nurses, and providing guidance and information for those who are training is a beneficial way of achieving this. I am an outgoing, compassionate and enthusiastic student who will devote a lot of time and effort into fulfilling the requirements of a student council member. I always complete tasks to the best of my ability and having the opportunity of becoming a student council member will be highly rewarding.  

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