Since qualifying from the College of Animal Welfare in 2013, I have worked in several small animal veterinary practices.  I took the leap into the locum world in 2018 and now work mainly in emergency and critical care practice.  In 2019, I completed my Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing.  Currently, I am completing my emergency and critical care certificate.

Working in a variety of practices has given me an insight into the diverse roles veterinary nurses have within a practice.  Veterinary nurses should be proud of their profession.  We are not ‘just nurses’.  We are a supportive community, a developing profession and an advocate for animal welfare.

I believe career progression and learning should not just stop at becoming an RVN.  Guidance should be given so RVNs can tailor their interests leading to higher job satisfaction.  If appointed, I aim to provide accessible CPD events which can guide veterinary nurses and provide the springboard into specialisation and career development.

Through my recent career experiences I have noticed a shortfall on the resources available to veterinary nurses interested in diversifying their careers.  If nominated, I aim to provide access to these valuable resources.  Providing reliable resources will allow Registered Veterinary Nurses and student veterinary nurses to make informed choices leading to career progression, personal development and mental well-being.

I would like to have the opportunity to utilise the skills I have gained throughout my career to help the veterinary nursing profession.  I believe the profession has a positive and exciting future.