Having been in practice since 2008 I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of inspirational veterinary nurses.

To me, veterinary nursing is more than simply a job and I would like to empower and inspire other veterinary nurses to find their niche and strive for more. We are a diverse group of people with our own strengths and those should be championed. I have worked in a variety of settings including referral, first opinion, charity and ECC practice, and I adore the challenges each setting brings. I am passionate about inclusivity in whichever form it takes. The encouragement in practice for removing boundaries to succeed whether they be physical or mental. If I were fortunate enough to be elected for council, I hope to be a voice for everyone. We shouldn't need to fit into a box to be counted or to have our voices heard, our differences are what make us so diverse.

By encouraging variety in practice I firmly believe we can build better patient/client/nurse bonds and facilitate a greater level of care and job satisfaction.

In my spare time I run Veterinary pay it forward and work with breed specific rescues to enable better education and understanding of key challenges they face. I have an interest in ethics, district veterinary nursing and professional retention in the veterinary field.

Each year we lose amazing individuals in our profession for a variety of reasons, this needs to stop. Together we can shape the profession we want to see in the future.