I began nursing 13 years ago, and my love for this profession has only increased since! Throughout the years I have experienced many types of practice, from first opinion practices & out-of-hours providers to referral hospitals. I currently work as a Senior Nurse in a referral hospital in Buckinghamshire, where I lead the team of ICU nurses. My main interests are medical and critical care nursing, and I became a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Internal Medicine last year.

My time in practice has exposed me not only to the wonderful aspects of nursing but also to the challenges we face. I understand that limitations in the tasks we are allowed to perform, appreciation and recognition for our work are impacting nurse retention and I would love to work alongside those making positive change in these areas.

I strongly believe that nurses should be utilised to the fullest extent in practice, and encouraged to follow specific interests within nursing. This provides enormous job satisfaction and benefits the entire practice. I have a keen interest in developing specialised career pathways, to provide career progression, develop advanced nursing skills, and enable nurses to do more practically. I would love to help develop advanced nursing qualifications which increase not only our knowledge, but the tasks we are allowed to perform. I believe that being able to do more, and receiving greater recognition for our knowledge, skills and vitally important role in practice, will significantly contribute to nurse retention as well as advance patient care.

I genuinely believe there has never been a more exciting time to be a veterinary nurse and there are so many organisations working to ensure we get the support and recognition we deserve. I would be honoured to join the BVNA council and help make positive change for our profession.