I am proud to have been nursing for 18 years and have seen many changes within the profession but I feel that there is still a lot to do regarding promoting and supporting nurses. I am passionate about my position as an RVN and I am fortunate enough to have had senior and management positions in practice for the last 11 years. I am currently the only nurse on a board of Directors of a very busy independent small animal practice.

I believe strongly that all nurses should be given the opportunity to progress within their roles, be that further qualifications, responsibility within the practice, or advanced skill sets (such as schedule 3). I also believe that part of our role involves the education of clients and peers in the capabilities of a veterinary nurse and further establishing veterinary nursing as a profession in its own right.

I have recently instigated and spear headed the setting up of two nursing networks within the XLVets community. These are aimed at firstly providing support for senior nurses – which can often feel like an isolated role, and secondly an overall network of nursing support and development. Both groups aim to increase engagement in the profession and their practice as well as share skills and best practice amongst the XLVets community, as well as have some fun!

I am excited about the future of veterinary nursing. Empowering nurses will lead to improved confidence in them being able to achieve all that they want to within their roles. To be able to support their aspirations is key, and to continue providing positive platforms and role models to do this is essential.

My key areas of interest are supporting, developing and empowering nurses as well as promoting the nursing profession.