BVNA are pleased to announce it's new Student Council Member who will be ratified at BVNA Congress in October 2020!

Following the BVNA Council Nomination process, we have filled one student place, you can find out more about your new Student Council Member below:

Molly Vallance

I am currently a second year diploma student, studying at Bottle Green college in Derbyshire. Prior to becoming a student veterinary nurse, I worked as an animal nurse assistant for one year and at the Pet Blood Bank as an animal care assistant for two years. My two passions in practice are providing bereavement services to clients and hosting blood donor sessions. I am a lover of everything related to inpatient care and I am always striving to improve our patients' needs and requirements whilst staying with us in practice. I also run my own Instagram account dedicated to everything related to student nursing which includes helpful revision posts and general day to day life of a student veterinary nurse.

I would like to use my position on the council to spread awareness of just how amazing veterinary nurses are and how our voices can adapt and change life in practice for the greater good. I would love to inspire more student veterinary nurses to think about joining the BVNA as it is so helpful for students.