Samantha Payne RVN

I qualified in 2009 and since starting as a student I have experienced first opinion, large charity practice and management positions. My passion for nursing is as strong now as it was when I first started.

My passion was for ECC and theatre practice. I currently have a certificate in emergency and critical care. As time has gone on my passion has changed towards a more client based practice. Now practicing full time as a consulting nurse I am keen to see more practices bring similar roles in. I will be looking to do a feline based certificate in the future and help promote better health care for our feline patients.

During my time on council I hope to promote the role of a consulting nurse with community out-reach. Also promote diversity and inclusion within the profession and the community. I am keen to encourage more use of fear free practice and help nurses work towards best practice with everything we do. We all need job satisfaction and I want to see more nurses find this by aiming for what they need from their careers

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