One of the questions frequently asked of the BVNA Office and Council team is 'What does a Council Member do?'

Council Members (CMs) have responsibility in law for the conduct and operation of the BVNA. The administration of this is organized through the BVNA office after the elections.

Council Members (CMs) are expected to join in one of two main sub-committees of the Council.

CMs are expected to:

  • Abide by the Code of Conduct. This is the same as candidates are asked to sign at the start of the election process.
  • Attend Council and relevant Committee meetings at the BVNA’s offices in Harlow. Meetings are published on line but held six times a year on the second Saturday of every other month, starting in January.
  • CMs are encouraged to be involved in various topical, clinical or relationship based roles. These roles often involve external bodies and are important for the BVNA to do its job of representation effectively.
  • They will need to be available for online discussions, conference calls and very occasional meetings to fulfill these responsibilities.
  • Engage with the issues of Council, seeking out and representing the interests of all members.

CMs are further expected to engage in their own personal development in this role. The Council can present a very different environment from day to day work and so full training is provided to deliver the role of CM effectively.

To assist in this, CMs are expected to:

  • Attend an Induction Day on the Sunday after the November Council meeting. This provides essential training in how the BVNA works and how CMs can be effective in their role
  • Attend a Business Planning Day on the Sunday after the March Council meeting. This is a key day for the whole of Council to set its direction and priorities over the following twelve months.
  • Apply themselves to learning and opportunities to develop through their time on Council

Some Council Members may be asked by Council to take up one of the Officer roles. These are President, Junior Vice President, Senior Vice President, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary. These roles have specific responsibilities for the Association. They are not directly elected and they are described elsewhere.

Note that CMs can reclaim costs for travel to the Council and Committee meetings. Accommodation and food is provided. More information is available through the BVNA’s expenses policy. Note also that candidates may not incur expenses related to an election. 

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