I qualified in 2009, starting my career in first opinion practice, before moving into referral nursing.  I have now worked in referral for 11 years and have been a theatre RVN since 2015 at Lumbry Park Veterinary Specialists.

Within referral, I discovered my passion for anaesthesia and went on to gain my Nurses Certificate in Anaesthesia & Critical Care. Whilst developing my own skills I discovered that I enjoyed teaching and became a clinical coach. In my own time I gained my Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health and enjoy writing articles for veterinary publication.

I am aware that not all RVNs feel valued or feel that their career is progressing, we should all be proud to be part of our professional and dedicated career.

I believe that every person deserves the chance to learn and maximise their potential whilst developing new skills.

I want RVNs to feel confident in their profession and have an understanding that it does not have to stop there and want practice owners to understand that they need to invest in their nurses and allow them to use their skills.

Not all nurse roles are visible in the public eye, like myself.  I want nurses to be empowered and feel that the role they play is vital within the veterinary profession. Job satisfaction plays a large part in providing the very best care our patients deserve and to preserve great team work.

I understand that our first concern should be patient care but we also need to care for our wellbeing.  How can we care for our patients if we do not care for ourselves?

I want to empower nurses to get into the public eye, encourage them to find their niche and to understand, whatever their background, they can only do their best.