The BVNA and The Veterinary Wound Library (VWL) have announced that the nurses who are currently undertaking the “Delving Deeper into Wounds” course, running until February 2019, will be the last cohort of what has been an extremely successful course.

Stacey Blease, Head of Learning & Development at the BVNA said:

"This is the eleventh cohort of delegates for the jointly developed Delving Deeper into Wounds course. Delegate feedback has been positive throughout and we are very happy to recommend The Veterinary Wound Library to nurses. We will continue to bring relevant and engaging material to our members through our courses in nutrition, oral care and infection control. We are excited about the emerging Post Registration Qualification Framework developing through VN Futures and will be making announcements about this in due course.” 

Georgie Hollis, Founder of The Veterinary Wound Library said:

"The Veterinary Wound Library team have very much enjoyed working with the BVNA over the past few years and are proud to have been delivering such a well-respected course. There remains great scope for specialisation in this area and we are committed to continuing to provide education at this level. We will continue to engage with the BVNA while we develop our wound management education independently both through the VWL and in association with others. We are extremely excited by the opportunities we have in 2019 and the options that we will be able to offer veterinary nurses to further their knowledge and skills in this area. A separate VWL announcement will be made shortly."