Bird Nutrition and Husbandry

27th February 2020 from 7pm for 7.30pm

Lowsonford Village Hall, Henley-in-Adren

Speaker - Jack MacHale BVetMed MRCVS

Meeting Details:

Like with any exotic species, in order to grasp the husbandry requirements for a bird one must consider what is provided in the bird’s natural environment. This talk will focus mostly on the fundamental parrot husbandry requirements from nutrition and environment to companionship and enrichment. As with all animals, nutrition is widely considered to be the basis of all health in birds. We will be discussing optimal nutrition for pet birds and how diet can impact health and behaviour in our feathered friends.

1. To understand different species have different husbandry requirements and how they vary between common species.

2. To be aware of environmental requirements and potential dangers in the home for birds.

3. To be able to recommend an appropriate, nutritional for pet birds.

4. To understand how high fat diets can contribute to health and behavioural problems in pet birds.

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