Pain Management in Cats & Dogs

4th December 2019 from 6pm for 6.30pm

SRUC, Ferguson Building, Aberdeen

CPD for Veterinary Nurses!
Speaker - Fergus Coutts BVM&S MRCVS

Meeting Details:

Pain Management in Cats & Dogs

The role of RVN's in Pain Management: make a difference in the ward and your clinics

Everyone experiences pain but even people have trouble describing our pain to someone else.  In veterinary practice we (owners, RVN's and Vets) make assumptions from observing pets' behaviour and it is recognise pain and behaviour have a bidirectional effect on each other.  This lecture will broadly separate pain management in two broad settings:

1 - Acute pain in the ward

2 -  Chronic pain seen in patients attending you clinics

For each setting we will look at:

·         Pain assessment tools

·         Pain mechanisms will be covered in outline

·         An overview of pharmacological management

·         Effective non-pharmacological means of helping manage pain in our patients, 'it’s not just all about drugs'


Information you can use in your clinics tomorrow:

·         The role of RVN’s in identifying and assessing pain

·         Outlining acute and chronic pain mechanisms in clinical settings

·         How behaviour affects pain and also provides clues when identifying pain in the wat and the clinic

·         Non-pharmacological pain management, ware and clinic