BVNA Covid-19 Update

8th April 2020

Webinar Agenda:

  • Q & A Session


BVNA Covid-19: Student and Clinical Coach Q & A Session

29th April 2020

Webinar Agenda:

  • Welcome and update
  • Overview of current situation and impact on students
  • Ideas for remote learning while working from home
    • Q & As

BVNA Covid-19 Self-Employed Veterinary Nurses Q & A Session

6th May 2020

Webinar Agenda:

  • The employment status of self-employed veterinary nurses
  • IR35
  • Grants for self-employed during Covid-19
  • Diversification for self-employed veterinary nurses
  • Current issues

BVNA Covid-19: Infection Control - Coronavirus and how to ensure effective disinfection

13th May 2020


BVNA Covid-19: Pregnancy and Maternity Leave during COVID-19

20th May 2020

Coronavirus and the Veterinary Team: How to protect yourself and others around you

27th May 2020

BVNA Covid-19 Well-being and Mental Health

3rd June 2020

BVNA Covid-19: Tame your Team! How to get through the return to practice and stay sane

10th June 2020

The Virtual Future of Veterinary Nursing Careers

1st July 2020

Navigating Redundancy

15th August 2020