Regional CPD Event Reviews

Aberdeen - 4th March 2020 ¦Cardiac Rhythm Abnormalities During Anaesthesia

On Wednesday the 4th of May SRUC Aberdeen campus welcomed 42 BVNA members and non-members along for another 2 hours of excellent CPD. Speaker, Craig Devine, delivered a presentation packed full of information on ‘cardiac rhythm abnormalities during anaesthesia’. Throughout the evening Craig helped uncover the mystery behind ECG tracings. He did this by reviewing the physiology of the heart and then discussing the electrical impulses that create the ‘P, Q, R, S and T’ wave sequence.

By using case studies and showing actual tracings, attendees were able to visualise exactly what was going on within the chambers of the heart. This allowed us to develop an understanding into what ECG tracings for animals with a ‘sinus bradycardia’ or ‘sinus tachycardia’ would look like.

Sounds serious, but Craig has ultimately helped attendees identify abnormalities on an ECG tracing and be able to react accordingly whether it be lightening the GA, correcting an electrolyte balance etc…..

Overall a very well attended and thoroughly informative evening.

Heidi Douglas

Midlands - 6th February 2020 ¦Surgical Preparation of the Patient

On Thursday 6th Feb 2020 at St Georges Veterinary Hospital in Wolverhampton I hosted an event kindly sponsored by Invicta.  Before the talk began I introduced myself and discussed the benefits of becoming BVNA members, I kindly thanked the sponsors and offered my gratitude for St Georges allowing us to use their training room. Jayne began her presentation at 7pm after everyone had their fill of pizza and refreshments.

The talk was on Surgical preparation of the patient and Jayne explained how the traditional technique of circling is no longer how it is done and showed us evidence that suggested doing the hashtag technique removed more bacteria from the skin surface than circling.  Jayne also discussed other factors to consider when prepping patients, with this new information I am hoping that everyone will now go back to practice and make changes to their current protocols.

The event went really well, everyone seemed engaged during the presentation and asked lots of questions. The talk came to an end and I informed all attendees of my next CPD event on the 27th Feb – Bird Nutrition and Husbandry.

Thank you to the delegates that came along, the venue St Georges Vets Hospital for hosting, the speaker Jayne and the sponsor Invicta Animal Health.

Kim Rathbone

Midlands - 22nd January 2020 ¦Dermatology Nurse Led Clinics

At last night's event we saw RVNs travel far and wide to come and see John Redbond speak about Dermatology Nurse Led Clinics, they all wanted inspiration on how to set them up.  Before the talk began I introduced the speaker and kindly thanked Vetruss for sponsoring the event. 

John begun his talk by asking the delegates if they get involved with dermatology already and no one did, but they all expressed an interest.  During his talk he discussed common skin conditions, schedule 3, the benefits of a nurse running these clinics and how they should be performed to include the work up and the questionnaires. 

This is something all nurses in practice can get involved with, but it is helpful to have someone who is passionate about it to make them really successful. 

Thank you once again to John for delivering such an amazing talk on Dermatology and a huge thank to Vetruss for kindly sponsoring the event. 

Kim Rathbone

Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire - 20th January 2020 ¦ ECG's Explained - a practical refresher for nurses

Well it was a great start for the first Notts/Lincs regional meeting for 2020.  On 20th January we welcomed Jasper Gale BVSc CertAVP (vc) MRCVS GPCert FelP Cardiologist at Kirks Vets in Sleaford Lincolnshire to give us a refresher on ECG’s. 

The event took place at Kirks Vets in their lovely practice.  We had a range of student nurses, newly qualified and some of us who have been around for quite a while. 

The talk was very engaging and prompted lots of great questions.  Once we had the basics down Jasper showed us some traces which we had a go at recognising the patterns.  It was a great refresher and I feel everyone went back to practice more confident and most importantly not to panic if something doesn’t quite look right. 

Once again I would like to thank Jasper and Kirks vets for their hospitality and also the local pizza place for providing a great service. 

Karen Tholen

Staffordshire & Derbyshire - 12th December 2019 ¦ Surgical Preparation of the Patient

On the evening of the 12th December, we welcomed Jayne Gilbert, Sales Manager for Invicta Animal Health to talk to us about surgical preparation.  Jayne delivered an engaging and thought provoking talk which focussed on the transition from current practice to evidence based techniques. The session included a practical where we all were able to practise the technique using a ChloraPrep applicator.

The evening was held at Pool House Equine Clinic and delegates who attended ranged from VCA’s to REVN’s. All delegates found the topic a very useful CPD and I believe some are returning to practice with a few suggestions of change!  After the talk we were invited for a tour of the facilities.  I think it is fair to say we all were ‘wow’d’!  We even got to fuss some ponies!  We’d like to thank once again, Jayne Gilbert and Invicta Animal Health for sponsoring the evening event.  Thank you to the delegates that came along, the venue Pool House Equine Clinic for hosting, the speaker Jayne Gilbert and the sponsor Invicta Animal Health

Emma Foreman & Caroline Bromley

Kent - 7th December 2019 ¦ Feline Friendly Clinics & First Aid Behaviour Advice

An early start for the Kent members on Saturday December 7th, Donna Lewis hosted a BVNA meeting at a venue we haven’t used before, Kent School of Veterinary Nursing in Faversham.  Everyone was welcomed with hot drinks and cakes before the fantastic 3 hour talk.  The Cat Nurse, Alex talked about all things Feline with some top take away tips of how to help us look after our clients Feline Friends.

Half way through we stopped for a refreshment break where more tea and cakes were aplenty.

During the morning Alex asked 10 questions to the audience and the first person to answer correctly won a goodie bag which was very kindly supplied by Bova Specials UK Ltd.  The morning was finished with some fun - a “don’t forget your toothbrush type thing”, to all those of you not old enough to remember this was a live TV program and during the program you would be asked to look under your seat to see if you had been lucky enough to win a holiday.  No holidays to be won today however three fab shopping prizes were available to be won, one unlucky lady left before we had finished, she could have been a winner! 

Thank you to the delegates that came along, the venue KSVN for hosting and the speaker The Cat Nurse, Alex.

Donna Lewis

Aberdeen - 4th December 2019 ¦ Pain Management in Cats & Dogs

Fergus Coutts BVM&S MRCVS came to SRUC in Aberdeen on the evening of the 4th December 2019 to deliver a talk on pain management.  He made a big impact on our understanding of what we could do as nurses to aid in pain management of our cats and dogs.  This talk was very nurse friendly, the use of drugs were covered but rather than focussing on pharmacology, it was the observations of our patients that we considered.  What could indicate a patient had metabolised the methadone given? How could we judge this?  Fergus also brought forward those ‘yellow flag’ indicators of chronic pain, a useful tool in our consults.  With video evidence of how multi model analgesia can have a huge impact on the quality of life for our patients, the message to take home was ‘anticipate, assess and alleviate’

Thank you to the delegates that came along, the venue SRUC for hosting and the speaker Fergus Coutts.

Janet Litten & Heidi Douglas

Kent - 3rd December 2019 ¦ Update on Diabetes Mellitus

On Tuesday December 3rd, Donna Lewis hosted an evening CPD with Sian Bissenden from MSD.  Sian came along to Canterbury College to update the attendees on the management of Diabetes.  There was a great overview of how to recognise the signs and how to monitor Diabetes.  Diabetes is now being called a syndrome and not a disease.  Sian was very keen on nurses setting up and running Diabetes Clinics to help and support our clients.  MSD have now introduced a pet monitor app which is a fantastic tool, if our client is unaware that the glucose is not stable the app can alert the owner that there is a problem and advise them to contact the Vet.  Sian also directed to us to informative and interesting online CPD where we can learn more and more about diabetes.

Thank you to the delegates that came along, the venue Canterbury College for hosting, the speaker Sian and the sponsor MSD.

Donna Lewis

Midlands - 16th November 2019 ¦ Understanding Puppy & Dog Behaviour

Today I hosted my first day CPD in the Midlands on Understanding Puppy/Dog behaviour. I had four main speakers and topics included, socialisation, permission based handling, nutrition and how to run an effective puppy party. For this particular event I had 24 guests in total who travelled not just from the Midlands but also from Liverpool, Sheffield and Lancashire. I think this highlights that the topic was popular so guests were willing to travel for it. I started the day by introducing myself, thanking the sponsors and explaining membership benefits of the BVNA. 

The first speaker was Adam Delderfield from Delders Dogs in Milton Keynes, he started his presentation on "to yelp or not to yelp".  Included within this topic was permission based handling which was really interesting and something I believe Vet Nurses and Vets can teach owners to do quite easily. The dog can basically stop at any time so if they look away or towards you to stop, but if they are comfortable you continue. Perfect for examination. 

Vicky Blain who is the Territory Manager for the Midlands and Felicity Coultard who is the technical Vet from Vetoquinol UK began their talk together on the importance of socialisation and how using Zylkene helps them cope in stressful situations. This was a really interesting talk and great that Zylkene can be used in a lot of situations along with behavioural training. 

Hannah from Pawsitiveley Pawsome Pups Training and Behaviour began her talk creating confidence in the Veterinary setting from waiting room etiquette, through to the consulting room and what we should be doing to help create a more fear free approach when examining and handling dogs. 

Next we had Dr Ciara Clarke from Butternut Box who did two amazing talks on the influence and choices we make based on how pet food looks and how we should be reading the pet food labels. Pet food is so confusing and I think it important we should make the right choice for each individual pet. 

We then had both Hannah and Adam talk about how to run an effective puppy party. This was a great topic, the main take home message from this was that we should run puppy classes and offer this as service but to aim to talk about permission based handling as well as advice on neutering, vaccinations etc. rather than focus on obedience and letting puppies play. 

We concluded the day with a Q&A session with all the speakers at the front ready to answer all the questions from the guests. 

Overall it was a really successful event, the venue was lovely, the food was really nice and I believe everyone had a nice time and learnt lots that they can take back into practice

Kim Rathbone

Aberdeen - 13th November 2019 ¦ Reptilian Hospitalisation Management, Stabilisation & Anaesthesia

This was the return of Madonna to Aberdeen after her initial BVNA talk earlier in the autumn – and again, she didn’t disappoint.

The information given will help all those who attended to look at their reptile patients as we would any other species – consider them as a whole, consider they will feel pain as we would, consider how their accommodation has such an impact on their well-being.

One of the biggest messages was that these creatures often spend their time in glass tank with no opportunity to escape from whatever we throw at them with each species requiring different environmental conditions. When we get this wrong, their health and welfare will suffer. Sounds serious, but Madonna always delivers in a manner that keeps you on your toes, has a driving enthusiasm, gives advice that is simple and safe to follow and also makes you laugh. Two hours very well spent for the 18 attendees.

Janet Litten & Heidi Douglas 

Aberdeen - 18th September 2019 ¦ Avian Hospitalisation Management, Stabilisation and Anaesthesia

On the evening of the 18th of September, we welcomed Dr Madonna Livingstone back to SRUC Aberdeen campus, this time to talk to us about birds.

Myself and Jan welcomed a further 8 enthusiastic Veterinary Nurses and students to the campus to join us for food and 2 hours of Avian CPD.

Madonna graduated from Glasgow Vet School in 2002, and joined the Ark Veterinary Clinic in Coatbridge, in 2004. Over the years her caseload has increased and she advised us that she would now see over 70% being made up of exotic species including birds of all sizes. During her talk Madonna was able to share stories from the vast number of cases she has seen ranging from commonly kept cage and aviary birds to chicken’s, which are being found more and more in every day practice, plus the more specialist birds of prey.

Madonna explained how, like all patients brought into practice, thorough examinations should take place including head to tail checks. She discussed the importance of handling and restraint techniques and how this is more critical in birds. Gentle and safe handling is required and it should be where possible, minimal, otherwise injuries can occur to both yourself and the birds. Like everything it is important to consider what is normal before thinking about what is abnormal. She went through some of the common conditions birds can be presented with, and the importance of stabilising the patient prior to any anaesthesia taking place including details of where to take blood samples and where to administer IVFT.

Overall, an engaging evening with really helpful guidance on looking after our avian patients in practice as well as ensuring we can give our clients the best advice.

Janet Litten & Heidi Douglas

Midlands - 14th August 2019 ¦ Feline Friendly Nurse Clinics

On Wednesday 14th August I hosted my second event at the Holiday Inn in Leamington Spa. The venue was perfect and the food was served on time with an ample selection of buffet food and refreshments. Hills UK and Bova UK came to the event and provided the delegates with goody bags, pens, raffle prizes and handouts on their products and services, they also did short presentations at the end and stayed to answer any questions.  They also, very kindly sponsored the event. It was also very generous of Vetoquinol UK and Pet Remedy to also provide goody bags for the event, I believe all the promotional items went down well with the RVN’s.  Alexandra Taylor was the speaker and her lecture was on Feline Friendly Nursing Clinics, I have seen Alexandra speak before and her passion for being feline friendly and educating others really did excel so I knew she would be the perfect person for this topic. We started at 7.25pm, it was a nice relaxed talk with RVN’s asking questions throughout.  Alexandra got everyone involved and asked questions as she captured the audience with her knowledge and passion for the subject. She gave tips on how to conduct on Feline nurse consult, what equipment to have ready, what to clean with (as stressed cats leave their scent behind), told us we were able to download the five pillars AAFP and ISFM Feline Environmental Needs Guidelines, when to seek vet and/or behaviourist advice and much more....

We completed the talk with Ian from Hills discussing feline nutrition and how a lot the diets are formulated to help reduce stress in cats, maintain pH balance and keep teeth healthy. Bova UK then briefly discussed there feline friendly products to include transdermal gels, flavoured tablets and flavoured liquids making it easier to medicate cats at home.

We did a raffle and all money raised is going towards the BVNA charity of the year, there was champagne, a hamper and some car food to be won.  A special thank you to Jemma Snow from IVC careers for attending the event and providing a raffle prize.

Overall the event went well and I would highly recommend Alexandra Taylor as a speaker for all things feline nursing.

Kim Rathbone

Staffordshire & Derbyshire - 9th July 2019 ¦ Holistic Rabbit Anaesthesia : Looking beyond drug doses

Delegates enjoyed refreshments on arrival prior to taking their seats in preparation of the evening’s talk. Emma Foreman, BVNA welcomed the delegates and spoke about the benefits of BVNA membership and offered a 10% discount to delegates wishing to join following the event. She introduced Jo Hinde and gave a brief biography of her work and achievements.  Jo spoke for 1.5 hours on the holistic approach to rabbit anaesthesia from a veterinary nursing perspective. Her talk included ways of assessing rabbits preoperatively, which should commence 6 weeks prior to elective procedures to ensure that the health of the rabbit is optimum and the owners are fully educated of the requirements pre and post operatively.  Methods of handling, restraint and positioning were discussed and the least stressful and painful ways of administering drugs along with pain scoring methods were explained highlighting the importance of these and why they are so vital to the wellbeing of the patients.  Post-operative management for the recovery and nutrition and feeding of rabbits and discharge instructions to be provided to owners were outlined.  The talk was thoroughly engaging and informative and Jo really encouraged delegates to consider the holistic needs and requirements of rabbits as a prey species emphasising why they must be treated very differently from dogs and cats. She answered delegate’s questions prior to being presented with a thank you gift for sharing her wealth of rabbit knowledge.

Emma Foreman

Kent - 29th June 2019 ¦ The District Veterinary Nurse

On the hottest day of the year lots of nurses, friends, family and exhibitors gathered at Hadlow College for Kent Regional Representative’s – CPD Day – all about The District Veterinary Nurse, four lectures took place over the day, with breaks and refreshments a plenty. The main attraction on the day was Carla Finzell, The District Veterinary Nurse herself giving a lengthy lecture about The District Veterinary Nursing Development Group, other speakers on the day were Debbie Gray, Belinda Johnson and RCVS VN Vice Chair Matthew Rendle, who gave a great overview on Schedule 3. Fundraising stalls were in place and proceeds were sent to New Hope Animal Rescue a very well known worthy charity in the heart of Kent. Lots of companies were very generous naming just a few Pet Remedy provided enough sample boxes for everyone in attendance as did Summit with their pet travel water bowls, Lintbells provided note pads whilst JAK & Burtons of Maidstone (Kent) provided the delegate bags. Summit also provided a beautiful Chocolate hamper as a raffle prize, Sarah Caney from Vet Professionals provided one of her online courses, lots of other companies that were not in attendance also supplied some lovely goodies, PG Mutual,Kong, Natures Menu, Fish 4 Dogs, to name just a few more. Big thanks goes out to everyone who took part on the day be it as a delegate, speaker, helper, or exhibitor who very kindly provided prizes as well, lots of Kent Representatives came along to support the event.

Donna Lewis

Welshpool - 12th June 2019 ¦ Rabbit Vaccination and Biosecurity

On Wednesday 12th June, 6 nurses and 1 vet attended the Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic disease meeting at Welshpool Livestock Market.  Debbie Goodwin, RVN  at Hipra UK ltd began the session with a refresher on  the clinical features of both RHD1 & 2. This is an endemic and fatal disease, with wild rabbits ensuring as a reservoir. Delegates that attended agreed that there had been an obvious decrease in wild rabbits.  We then went on to discuss disease awareness, biosecurity, prevention, vaccination and marketing.  Debbie was a very knowledgeable speaker and provided an interesting and information evening.  The take home message of the evening was that RHD is very contagious and that biosecurity and vaccination are imperative.  I would like to thank Debbie for taking the time to come to my region to speak on an emotive subject. Thank you to those that supported the evening and my region. I would also like to thank Welshpool Livestock Market for providing the venue, Hughes Caterers for the buffet and Hipra for kindly sponsoring the evening.

Emma Gerrard

Norfolk CPD Event - 22nd May 2019 ¦ Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease Type 1 & 2

On Wednesday 22nd May we held the rabbit vaccination and nutrition CPD evening at Stanley’s in Swaffham. Debbie Goodwin from Hipra gave an update on the current VHD status and information on the vaccination protocols. We was also joined by Claire Hamblion and Chesney Webb from Supreme pet foods, they discussed the principles of rabbit nutrition and a brief overview of the diets they make for small animals, including goodie bags for all attendees. Thank you to both speakers and to all those who attended.

Sarah Patrick

Midlands - 21st May 2019 ¦ Weight Management

The venue was perfect, we had everything set up ready in terms of the projector, screen and flip charts. Tables and chairs had been laid out exactly as I wanted and water on the tables as requested. Food arrived on time and we all enjoyed the selection of food.  We started the talk on time, I introduced the speaker and thanked them for the sponsorship. Sarah spoke clearly and knew the subject well and the delegates asked questions throughout. The topic was obesity as a disease, which actually shocked the nurses because they have always seen obesity as a curable condition, turns out this is not the case and maintenance is just as important. We concluded the talk with more questions and a raffle to raise money for the BVNA charity.

Kim Rathbone

Kent - 7th & 23rd May 2019 ¦ Viral Haemorrhagic Disease

To celebrate VNAM the Kent region held two meetings, both meetings were very kindly sponsored by Hipra.  Our speaker Debbie Goodwin gave us two very informative talks about VHD strains 1 & 2, focusing more on VHD 2 as this is relatively new to us all.  She talked us through the history, the signs, the treatment and what to do in the event of fatality.  If you didn’t make the talk and would like to know a little more I did take down a few notes and would be happy to share.  VHD 2 a nasty virus, extremely contagious and we the nurse and all in practice need to advise our clients to vaccinate against it and educate why.  A big thank you to all that came along to either the meeting in Canterbury College or Hadlow College.

Donna Lewis

Welshpool - 10th April 2019 ¦ Vaccination - Dispelling the myths and dealing with the doubters

On Wednesday 10th April, 10 nurses and 1 vet attended the Vaccination - dispelling the myths and dealing with the doubters at Welshpool Livestock Market.  Sian Stockford, Veterinary Advisor at MSD Animal health began the interactive session with a refresher on canine and feline diseases. We then went on to discuss immunity, why we vaccinate, vaccination types and protocols.  The second part of the evening provided an insight into modern day vaccination trends, adverse reactions and reporting, the dangers of social media and how to deal with anti vaccine sentiment. Sian provided three case reports which highlighted the importance of not jumping to conclusions should an issue occurs following vaccination.  The evening was very interesting and informative and provided good tips on how to address vaccine concerns.  I would like to thank Sian for taking the time to come to my region to speak on an emotive subject. Thank you to those that supported the evening. The raffle raised £8 for the charity of the year.  I would also like to thank Welshpool Livestock Market for providing the venue, Hughes Caterers for the buffet and MSD for kindly sponsoring the evening.

Emma Gerrard

Northern Ireland - 21st February 2019 ¦ Anaesthesia, Managing the Isoflurane Shortage

A great evening was had by all on Thursday the 21st Feb.  Dechra representative Stephan McCafferty provided some great information on the anaesthetic and analgesic options offered.  His provision of pizza was also warmly welcomed.  Our Speaker Paul Crawford MRCVS provided a great talk with some very useful information on reducing gas flow and improving monitoring techniques.  He also included some welcome methods for assessing leaks in circuits and care of anaesthetic circuits.  His talk was as ever filled with humour and of course images of his beloved pet Dorset lambs.  The meeting was well attended with 1 delegate driving 3hours from Co. Sligo, just to attend!!  I am very grateful to our hosts VSSCo for providing us with such excellent facilities, to our sponsors Dechra for feeding us and demonstrating their product range and of course to Paul for his educational presentation and his continued support in all things that relate to Veterinary Nursing.

Naoimh Toner