We will share the full programme with you very soon.

Our creative programme is designed to be:

  • Interactive and engaging
  • Entertaining and fun
  • Informative and educational 

Our President, Jo Hinde, is the MC [Master of Ceremonies] for the event and will be introducing each part of the programme and hosting the breaks too.  

You can tune in to the online event when there’s sessions you want to attend and if you miss anything, we’re recording everything, so you can always view it at another more convenient time.

We have some superb keynote and special guest speakers including Dr Jane Goodall, who is presenting a keynote at the BVNA Awards Evening on Saturday, 10 October at 6pm.

Our awards evening has 3 new categories for the BVNA awards, the Blue Cross award and 3 awards from Hills.

There is also a series of interactive sessions including debates on issues with VN Futures, workshops, campfires and seminars.