BVNA Launches #VNVoice Communication Portal

The time and place for nurses to speak up about their profession is here!

The British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) is launching an online communication portal to drive engagement with its members and also elicit the views of its membership on key issues affecting the profession.

BVNA will use the portal to gain opinion and votes on a range of topics, further bolstering the voice of the BVNA’s existing council. It will also drive communication between the veterinary nursing representative body and the veterinary profession as a whole.

The portal is set for release during BVNA Congress 2016.

The community will be hosted through Moodle and will comprise of polls, questionnaires and material for consideration by BVNA members. The information presented and the response mechanism will be simple, clear and straight-forward so that it is easy to take part.

Engagement will be encouraged via a points system and an initial launch competition. Starting with a simple action will show how easy the portal is to use – for example, registering for the online forum. Prize draw points will be awarded for participation, which earn entries into a monthly prize draw.

Prizes have been kindly supported by sponsors* and comprise a £400 shopping voucher first prize, a £150 second prize and five x £50 vouchers to be awarded every month for three consecutive months.

BVNA president Sam Morgan explains more about the project:

During my role as President of the BVNA last year, the greatest privilege was meeting so many RVNs who were passionate about their profession; they all had strong opinions on how the profession could change and develop in the future.

“Therefore, it is always disappointing to hear when such low numbers of RVNs take part in consultations about their profession. Having canvassed our members, we realise this is usually down to time pressure, not knowing how to get involved or not wanting to say the wrong thing or appear foolish.

“With this in mind, BVNA is very excited to launch the 'Voice of Veterinary Nursing' forum, which has been specifically designed to be quick and easy to use. By using questionnaires and yes/no answers we hope to get as many RVNs and SVNs as possible to give us their opinions on topics that matter to the profession. The BVNA can then use the thoughts of its members to take forward to the RCVS and other associations. BVNA can then truly say ‘We are the Voice of Veterinary Nursing’.”

As well as regular polls and surveys, a consultative panel will be set up as part of the community, which members will be encouraged to sign up for. This panel of members will be sent information on a specific issue for consultation, with the results helping to inform BVNA’s ‘voice’ to better represent its members.

A campaign to support the launch of the new portal will be run on social media under the hashtag VNVoice – it will also be promoted heavily to BVNA members.

Members can access the portal via the 'Members Area' of the BVNA website and sign up using the enrolment key provided.

*With thanks to our competition sponsors:


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