Do your ambitions outweigh your resources?

There may be assistance available to support your goals!

After joining BVNA Council in October, I have been busy working on a project that involves investigating and compiling a list of all known bursaries available to our members nationally. As a member of the representative body, it is my opinion that this avenue remains relatively untouched with little or few applicants.

Feedback from former successful beneficiaries has confirmed that they had to do their own research into available assistance. It has become apparent that there are many opportunities for financial grants or bursaries. Each one with their own terms and conditions but none the less beneficial to the individual.

Those lucky enough to be awarded with a BVNA approved bursary have the opportunity to attend the BVNA Congress in October to be issued them formally. It appears that practices are very supportive in applications made for such assistance from their employers and for those that can make it, they gain further career advancing opportunities by attending seminars from the scientific programme and perusing the exhibition.

Feedback from two 2016 Kennel Club Bursary winners;

‘The bursary really helped as a contribution to my Master’s Degree Course in Clinical Animal Behaviour.  It has always been a passion of mine and I would love to try and bring it forward in veterinary practices’ E Campbell RVN

‘The bursary has helped me massively towards travelling costs as I live in Cornwall and I have to travel to Reading to attend teaching days for the course. The money also went towards the purchase of a BSAVA manual of wound management and reconstruction. Thank you very much for the bursary, it really has helped a lot ’  D Jones

Many veterinary nurse training centres will be able to advise on more local grants available to students. One of my own students was awarded a local grant from a charitable fund to help toward her studies

‘some of the bursary I spent on textbooks and I am going to the exhibition ‘Animals Inside Out’ at The Centre for Life’  Beth Welsh

Become a member of the BVNA to gain access to exclusive bursaries and grants.

The 2017 list and application forms are available on the website

Stacey Bullock RVN, BVNA Council Member

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