Hear from our council members today!

Nicholas Taylor says “My involvement with BVNA Council began in 1996 after receiving a phone call at work from a colleague and good friend to inform me I had been nominated and would I be interested. Having been a member of BVNA since 1988 and regularly attending Congress, I was aware of BVNA Council, but not fully aware of everything they did, so I thought why not give it a go, it could be interesting. I eventually stood down from council in 2001.”

If you want to find out more about joining the council, nominations open today and close on 31 March https://www.bvna.org.uk/council-and-staff/bvna-council-nominations

My Time As a Council Member & Officer at BVNA

“After an initial year as a council member I was elected Honorary Treasurer and subsequently Vice President, President and Senior Vice President.”

“During my time on Council I was involved with:

·        the Pre-Veterinary Nursing Committee

·        the Anaesthesia working party

·        Congress Committee

·        RCVS VN Committee

·        BSAVA Education Committee

·        BVNA Editorial Board

·        IT and Website Development working party

Decisions made by Officers and Council, (aided by the Office team), built on the dedicated work of our predecessors, promoting and developing the Veterinary Nursing profession alongside other organizations and associations and making BVNA the organisation it is today.”

“I particularly enjoyed my involvement with Congress Committee, being part of the team putting together the lecture program and helping prepare the venue, chairing lectures and even driving the congress minibus before I proposed hiring drivers so that council could concentrate on congress and not take it in turn to drive!”

Why you should join the Council

“Being on Council is a rewarding experience, working alongside other dedicated individuals and organisations. Historically, Council members have come from members covering a broad spectrum of the veterinary nursing profession, from small, mixed, large and equine practice through to industry and educators.“

“Everyone has a contribution to make and the opportunity to become involved in areas which you may not have previously considered, learning new skills along the way, and helping to make a difference. “

 Thank you Nicholas.

If you want to find out more about joining the council, nominations open today and close on 31 March https://www.bvna.org.uk/council-and-staff/bvna-council-nominations #BVNACouncilElections2020 #BVNAVolunteering

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