Positive progression is occurring!

BVNA Press Release responding to the 2019 RCVS Survey of the VN Profession.

The BVNA are delighted to see evidence of the positive changes highlighted in this summary. This is further proof that our profession is heading in the right direction.

Responses to the 2019 RCVS Survey

It is particularly pleasing to see the response about CPD and to read that employers are more engaged with providing it. CPD is vital to the future progression of any nurse which is only helped further by reading in the summary that CPD is now seen more accessible and recording CPD is now easier.

Nurses now have more opportunities to utilise their areas of expertise and are starting to focus their CPD accordingly. VN Futures have worked at developing the post grad qualifications for nurses as well as the BVNA developing learning pathways. These initiatives are another positive step in supporting a nurse’s desire for specific further education, to support them in their role.

Protecting the VN title

We at the BVNA are committed to seeing the Veterinary Nurse title protected. A previous attempt was unsuccessful simply as a result of not getting enough signatures to secure the necessary parliamentary time for debate. We know that this is still a priority for our members and is another reason why events such as Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month are so important for education members of the public and our paraprofessionals on the importance of the RVN.

We’re also grateful that the survey, whilst overwhelmingly positive, highlights the fact that there is work still to be done. Financial reward, stress levels and managing client expectations all remain challenges that are faced daily by nurses. The BVNA remains ever mindful of these challenges and will continue to do all it can to ensure to build on the positive elements of this report.

We’re very pleased that 28.8% of our nurses completed this survey – which is a high number comparative to other surveys – but recognise that this is still less than a third of our profession, sharing their insights and thoughts.

Alongside my fellow Council Members, I’m committed to doing all I can to trigger a much needed improve in that engagement.

We want to thank those nurses who did respond to the survey. Such responses are crucial to driving the continued change for good in our profession. Positive progression is occurring. We all need to take responsibility for our profession, and the developments we require.

RCVS VN Election and BVNA Nominations

It is incredibly positive to see that we have enough VN candidates for a RCVS VN election this year. This gives an indication that engagement is improving. BVNA nominations are also now open for BVNA council spaces. Please see the website for more details.


Jo Oakden

BVNA Junior Vice President

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