Are you passionate and interested in making a difference in our profession?

BVNA is calling on all full members and student members to stand for election onto BVNA Council. This year, BVNA are looking for 5 full members and 2 student members to stand for election.

All Council members are either student or registered veterinary nurses, with a common desire to represent the veterinary nursing profession. The councillors are elected for a three year period and undertake individual roles, chosen by themselves and building on their own personal strengths and experience.

New skills, enjoyment and the impact on the Veterinary Nursing profession

Following the results from our recent Council member survey:

·        80% of Council members found that their enjoyment on the council was based on making a positive difference to the profession and being part of a community

·        80% of Council members were satisfied or very satisfied with their BVNA Council experience

·        65% of Council members explained that they learnt new communication skills whilst on Council

·        50% of Council members discussed development of their leadership, organisational and networking skills

Results from the survey also showed that 70% of Council members feel that their time spent on Council ranged from having a moderate amount of impact to a great deal of impact on the Veterinary Nursing profession.

Recommending being a member on the BVNA council to a friend or colleague

Previous and present BVNA Council members have showed that they are likely to recommend being a member on the BVNA council to a friend or colleague. Their advice to potential nominees for the election is; “if you are thinking about the forthcoming election, being part of BVNA Council gives you an opportunity to influence the profession, so get yourself nominated and join BVNA as the voice for Veterinary Nurses!”

Have your say on who’s representing your association at #BVNACouncilElections2020!

Nominations are now open and close on the 31st March (

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