BVNA member, Jackie, on returning to the profession

Jackie Lynch read the article on our blog with the email from Minnie about returning to work.  And she posted a story on Facebook that she said we can share with you….

“I have just returned to Veterinary Nursing after a 17 year career break. I didn’t think I would ever get back into nursing but an opportunity came up at a local veterinary practice, where a good friend of mine works, and so I thought I would find out more about it.

I went along for an informal interview with the Head Vet and the Practice Manager and followed this up with spending a trial day in the practice. It was very daunting and I felt very much like a “fish out of water”. I was in an environment which used to feel very natural but now, so overwhelming.

Can I do this?

I went home that evening not knowing what do to and questioning whether I could do this. But, the next morning, I felt more at ease and thinking actually, drug names have changed, some protocols are different and there’s new state of the art equipment in the practice, but the basics of Veterinary Nursing is still the same.

I spent another trial day at my old practice a couple of days later, where I talked things through with my old boss and a Veterinary Nurse who I used to work with many years ago and I saw that they were following very similar protocols and working methods as my local practice was, which reassured me.

Go for it!

At that point, I decided I wanted to go for it and when I was offered a job, I jumped at the opportunity. Everyone at the practice is very friendly and supportive and our Head Vet is mentoring me through my Period of Supervised Practice (PSP) to become re-registered onto the Veterinary Nursing list.

It was very scary at first and there are days when I feel a little out of my depth, but I’m so glad and proud of myself that I made this transition back into practice. My knowledge and skills are gradually coming back to me and I’m enjoying getting up to speed with all the innovations that have come in over the last few years.

My passion for nursing and for re-building my knowledge and skills is definitely still there and all being well, I’m looking forward to going to BVNA Congress in October this year.”

BVNA asked Jackie if it’s okay to mention the practice she’s at now, as they sound really supportive and she said yes.  So, it’s Vets 4 Pets at Gipsy Lane, Luton.  

Thanks for sharing Jackie!

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