COVID-19 Update, 25.03.2020

On Monday 23rd of March the Government announced that the country needed to enter the next stage of the plan to ‘flatten the curve’.  This included a 3-week lock-down. There was initial confusion about who could remain open and what level of service could be provided. This has now been clarified and veterinary practices have been added to the list of businesses exempt from the closure order.

See the latest BVA and RCVS update for more information.

BVNA are having weekly update meetings with the BVA, RCVS and other organisations to ensure that we can give you the most up to date information in these constantly changing and pressured times.

For those nurses currently in practice, here is some useful information:

For the next 3 weeks we are in a ‘lockdown’. We MUST only provide urgent and emergency care; this is treatment that cannot wait 3 weeks. We MUST also be practicing social distancing. It is crucial that we lead by example. To achieve this consider implementing these top tips:

  • Splitting teams to the absolute minimum you need in your practice. Try and keep the same teams together to minimise cross over
  • Triage and take history over the phone. Consider using video calls to consult remotely.
  • Encourage clients to email prescription requests, give yourselves more time to achieve this – your standard 24-hour turnaround can be adapted!
  • If you are posting prescriptions, aim to reduce this to one postal drop off each week.
  • Encourage clients to wait in the car until you are ready for them to come in for their appointment and consider only bringing the pet into the clinic.
  • Encourage payments over the phone and avoid cash transactions where possible.
  • Work from home as much as possible.
  • Reduce the footfall of clients to your practice, protect your staff. Be responsible for encouraging the public to not come into the vets unless it is an emergency.
  • Practice good infection control procedures. We are nurses, we are better than most at this!

BVNA President, Jo Hinde said “I implore all veterinary staff to follow current advice and make changes so you can do your bit to limit the spread of Covid-19. These government-imposed restrictions are non-negotiable for the next three weeks. Let’s all work together to help save lives and be a part of the solution and not the problem.”

If our members need any further support the BVNA is here to help. We have our members advisory service and for nurses facing financial hardship we have the Daphne Shipman Benevolent fund.


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