We want to hear your top social distancing tips!

Please let us know the changes you have made at work to help keep yourselves safer when working in small teams. Email your top tips to bvna@bvna.co.uk and we will compile these and share with the profession. 

Sharing best practice

Here at BVNA we’re all about helping the nursing community by sharing best practice and now, during challenging times, it is no different.  We know that members of the veterinary profession who are working during Covid-19 are taking on a huge responsibility for each other and their colleagues and family.  I’m sure there’ll be lots of really helpful and useful tips and advice about social distancing that we can share with you, the wider veterinary nursing community.

Who knows, some of the new social distancing working practices might stick when Covid-19 is over, if they have helped improve the safety of the team and perhaps even made a happier environment for team working and a better place to work.

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