Who needs a superhero when you have a VN?

J.A.K Marketing Ltd are super excited to be supporting VN month, and although there is a change to the norm this year with the move to digital, they feel that now could be a really good time for VN Month! The publicity surrounding human nurses and the other key workers in society has really made the public appreciate and be grateful of the imperative roles they play, and with this has come the much-deserved recognition!

We’ve been in the industry long enough (celebrating 25 years this year!) to recognise the vital role you play in practice. Yet, even as we enter the 15th anniversary of VN month, there is still some way to go before members of the public truly understand ‘what VN’s do’ and what VN’s have been trained to do! 

We have always been an advocate for nurses and this month we want to help increase public recognition of the huge variation of your roles. We know how much you influence the outcome of patients in your care. You are their voice! You are the paramedic, radiographer, anaesthetist, surgical assistant, infection control manager, lab technician and devoted nurse working long hours, with numerous scars and often going home covered in all types of bodily fluids. You are the person administering medications (and ordering the supplies!), the client educator, the counsellor and the ones that practices could not cope without! 

Educating the public 

I often wonder why people always ask; ‘so are you a vet in training?’ as the same would never be asked of human nurses; ‘are you a doctor in training?’

Whilst awareness is increasing about the VN role, there is still some perception that the job involves cuddling kittens and playing with puppies. The real challenge is educating the public for a better understanding of the amount of knowledge and specialist skills we have.  

This is where you come in! May is VN Month and it is your time to shine. Who better than to advocate the role then yourselves? So come on board, get your colleagues involved, get your clients involved, even get your friends and family on board and tell the world how brilliant you are! Tell everyone what you do! 

Enter the competition! 

It’s fantastic to see so many nurses getting involved with the competitions in previous year. This year we have updated our VN awareness poster for download. With the change to digital this year, we really hope that we can flood social media with some positive news and celebrate the role of the VN! If your furloughed and have some extra time on your hands, please get involved and get planning your display boards! Share them on your practice social media pages, and let clients celebrate your role and understand it. We are looking forward to seeing your creativity and awarding the winner with a Deliveroo voucher, for a tasty treat for the practice to share! 

Finally, take part and help influence change!  

Only with collaboration and engagement from the whole profession can we increase awareness! There are over 18,000 RVN’s and thousands of students. So come on, if you really want to see change, don’t leave it to others, have a voice and get shouting about how good you are! Now is the perfect time for the public to really understand the essential roles of ALL the hero’s! Find out more about VN Month here.

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