#VNAM2020 Competition Winners

Each year we ask Veterinary Nurses to organise events at schools, colleges and in local communities, and for patients and pets, to help educate the public and raise awareness about what Veterinary Nurses do. However, because of the restrictions placed on us currently, we had to remove the face to face interactions and competitions were online and virtual.

The BVNA is once again overjoyed with the response to our Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month campaign! The campaign ran for the month of May and was supported with daily posts and shares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These called for Veterinary Nurses to submit videos, posters and photos that showed their roles, stories, career progression, diversification and special interests.

There were 3 competitions for Veterinary Nurses and Pet Owners to get involved in this year;

  • Design a digital poster or infographic ‘Showing the role of the Veterinary Nurse’
  • Record a short educational video of 5 minutes or less that helps pet owners care for their pets 
  • Take a picture of your pet and complete the sentence “I love my Vet Nurse because…..”

We have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s efforts.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up of our 2020 VNAM Competition!

Category A for Vet Nurses | Design a digital poster or infographic ‘Showing the role of the Veterinary Nurse’ 

Winner - Emma Myers:

Runners Up - 

Louise Mathews:

 Heather Sparks:

Hannah Langley:

Carmen Griffiths:

Amy Williams:

Category B for Vet Nurses | Record a short educational video of 5 minutes or less that helps pet owners care for their pets

Winner - Joy Shutt - "Caring for senior cats at home!"

You can watch Joy's brilliant video here

Runners Up - 

Paige Roberts - "Top tips to help with firework fear!" 

Leanne Price - "Why can't my pet eat that?"

Chloe Little - "How to clip your cats nails at home!"

Category C for Pet Owners | Take a picture of your pet and complete the sentence “I love my Vet Nurse because…..”


Michelle Gill 

"My name is Megan, I’m 12 and I want to tell you why I love Lora D’Alesio at Valley Vets Cardiff.

I don’t like going to the vet. It makes my grumpy and a bit snappy and Mum and Dad always have to hold me tight whilst I’m in there. I can’t wait to leave.

In December, my Mum and Dad became really sad. They said I had Lymphoma and they were going to get me treatment for it with something called CHOP protocol.

In January I was very ill and had to be admitted to the vet hospital and stayed the night. Mum and Dad came in the next day and we sat down and spoke to a vet called Gregg who said he was going to administer CHOP over 25 weeks. My Mum and Dad were worried as they know I’m grumpy and snappy at the vets.

I had to commence treatment that day as I was very ill and they introduced my to Lora. She was nice and she gave me treats. Gregg put needles in me and Lora sat and talked to me giving me treats and fussing me - I liked Lora.

From then on I had to go to the vet most weeks for treatment, then every other. I’m on week 21 this week.

Lora and I became friends. I look forward to seeing her and what treats she has each week. I am always a good girl for Gregg during treatment as Lora takes good care of me. I actually like Gregg now but I don’t always let on that I do.

During my treatment, Mummy tells me that the Hospital was flooded and we had to go to a different branch for 2 months. There has also been a pandemic but I’ve still had treatment and Mummy and Lora wear face masks. I don’t though and I get treats still.

My Mummy says Lora is special person and I know I wouldn’t have had treatment if she hadn’t won me over and become my friend.

I owe my life to Lora and would love her to be recognised for going that extra mile. She also has a good choice in treats. Because of Lora, I will be 13 on June 24th. My Mummy didn’t expect me to make it but I will now. I hope I get some treats on my birthday. Forever grateful!"

Runners Up - 

Amy Roberts:

"I love my vet nurse because he gives me a Dreamie treat when I attend my appointments. He also lets me roam around the room and even scratches my ear which I love. He also let me take my badger bear with me when I had my operation. i love the vets now, so I'm not scared. I always see Johnny at Haygate Lawley."

Caroline Seignot:

"We love our vet nurses simply because we know that they are always there, whatever the day or time, they are there for us and our animals. And for that, I am truly grateful. Having worked as a vet nurse myself, it's a job that you do for the love of the animals. Our animals have helped my family so much during the lock down, and although they are not able to work in their therapy roles out in the community, they have been working hard on social media, bringing the positivity and the love together, around the world! Thank you for always being there, it is always nice knowing that the support is always a phone call away."

Charlotte McGinn-Smith:

"I’m Podrick the rat, and I love my vet nurse because she always gets really excited to see me and gives me lots of cuddles when I’m nervous. She looked after me when I was a naughty boy and had to lose my Crown Jewels and looked after my mum when we had to say goodbye to my brother. She’s the best and makes going to the vets much less scary! I love my vet nurse very much! Love Podrick"

Gail Gibson:

"I love my vet nurse because all nurses are awesome, and vet nurses are not recognised as heroes enough!"

H Battersby-Sword:

"We (my dog and I) love our vet nurse, Kirsty Edgar, because she is always very friendly and welcoming and gave us so much information and advice about the vet practice and the various plans they run to keep our dog happy and healthy. She also told us what we needed to do in prep for getting our puppy home and answered all our questions. She also told us we could contact her anytime with any further queries. When we got pup and anytime we've been in since, Kirsty has more than proven her natural love and care for animals and has reassured us on many a time that Jaffa would be ok in their care. She's been right every time. If needed, she comes round to see and reassure our furboy too that it's ok and has helped build his trust of the vets. Here is Kirsty spending a bit of time with Jaffa, reassuring him by interacting with him and yes there was a tiny wee treat for Jaffa involved on this occasion."

Justine and Steve Cumming:

"I love my Vet Nurse from ICR Vets Loanhead because they saved both of our mainecoon kittens' lives! They go above and beyond and care for our fur babies. With their quick action, they were able to save our kittens' lives.They not only go above and beyond in their job but they care and put their whole heart into what they do. This really shows and goes a long way. Thank you to everyone at ICR Vets for everything you all do, from saving our kittens' lives, to simply checking up when we visit. Skye (pictured on the left) ate lilies which are very toxic and needed emergency care. Caesar (pictured on the right) had a difficult start in life and needed emergency surgery as he had a tiny fur ball blockage in his stomach which almost resulted in his stomach bursting!"

Neil Homer-Forbes:

"My name was Edith (now Evelyn) and I had been stuck at Dogs Trust for 3.5 months, in desperate need of a new home. I had a whole A4 page of behavioural and medical issues that a new owner had to be able to cope with. I am a Kelpi cross and what is described as a reactive dog. Veterinary nurses are so so much more.  I was kennelled at Dogs Trust Evesham, who didn’t even have me advertised for re-homing as I had so many issues and problems. Karen Homer RVN who also holds a Diploma in animal behaviour visited looking for a dog for her uncle.  When she saw me and realised why I was stuck there suffering from kennel rage, as I was so stressed and why no one else would or could take me on, she took me home and gave me a loving home. Some people need an RVN in their lives, I don’t think I would have a life now if I didn’t have an RVN in my life."

Rachel Sheldon:

"I loved my vet nurses because they treated me with K-laser therapy (or Laser quest as we liked to call it) for the last two years of my life, as part of my arthritis management plan. I showed how much I loved them by giving out ‘Crumble kisses'.

Crumble did have to be put to sleep in March this year, at the grand old age of 13, however he was only able to reach such a fab age, thanks to K-laser administered by his fab nurses and it seemed wrong not to acknowledge that."

Sophie Martin:

"I love my vet nurse because they have always treated my medical alert assistance dogs, Alice and May, like their own and will do anything for them. They have such a special bond with our vet nurse and I know they are always safe and in great hands. The nurses have also helped train my youngest assistant dog when she was in training to have a positive experience in the practice and to be fine having vet checks. Our nurses go above and beyond to make ALL animals happy. Thank you so much, you are all amazing!! Love Alice and May xx"

Natalie Lord:

"I love my vet nurse because she has no issues with me being a snake. Some don't like me as they think I'm slimy, but I promise I'm not. She doesn't mind holding me and making sure I'm fine. She's helped advise my dad about the best care for me too. I'm nearly 12 now and still going strong thanks to all the help and support. Thanksssssssssss Lizzie!"

The lucky winners and runners up will receive ‘Love to Shop’ or 'Just Eat' vouchers ranging in value from £25-£200.

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