Research Bites 2020 goes virtual!

Were you considering submitting your research project or case reflection into Research Bites at BVNA Congress 2020? The good news is that, as BVNA will be delivering a virtual celebration of veterinary nursing this year, we have decided that Research Bites will be moving online too!

Research Bites is a popular element of each annual BVNA Congress, allowing participants to share their research, knowledge and experiences with the wider veterinary nursing community, in a friendly, constructive and inviting atmosphere. We’re really passionate about encouraging RVNs and SVNs to further the evidence base available to the profession, and even though Research Bites will be taking a slightly different format this year, we are still inviting abstract submissions and the event will still take place.

The deadline for abstract submissions has also been extended until Friday 10th July 2020.

Virtual Research Bites – What’s New?

All successful applicants will be required to produce a poster which presents their research or case study, which now will be “on display” online to attendees of BVNA’s virtual celebration of veterinary nursing. However, to replace the presentation delivered in person during BVNA Congress, candidates will now have the option to pre-record a short webinar-style presentation instead. Presentations will then be reviewed during an interactive Virtual Research Bites session, inviting discussion and Q&A from attendees. There will also still be prizes available to candidates for Best Poster and Best Presentation.

This therefore provides candidates with yet another opportunity to expand on their skill set, whilst still creating a fantastic resource to be able to spread knowledge amongst the veterinary nursing community. Further details of the Virtual Research Bites event will be released in due course as we work towards finalising plans for BVNA’s online celebration.

Why take part?

Virtual Research Bites provides candidates with a great opportunity to develop their writing and presenting skills, and being shortlisted to showcase your work is a great addition to your CV.

Talitha Johnson, winner of 2019’s Best Poster prize, says:

“I highly encourage anyone who has taken the time to carry out their research project to then submit them for the Research Bites event. It is a very educational event, and everyone should take pride in sharing their research with everyone. Whether you just show off your scientific poster or present it too, it is a great experience and definitely one I would recommend!”

Thanks to the event’s increasing popularity, this year we introduced two brand new categories – meaning whether you are an SVN or RVN, and whether you have/are working towards a diploma or degree, all have the opportunity to get involved. The submission categories are:

·         Research projects (e.g. undergraduate or postgraduate dissertation)

·         Student veterinary nurse case reflection

·         Registered veterinary nurse case reflection

How do I get involved?

Please note that due to the current circumstances, we have made the decision to extend the submission deadline for abstracts. Some of this information has therefore changed from the details previously published, and we’ll continue to update you as we finalise details of the Virtual Research Bites event.

Key dates are as follows:

·         Friday 10th July 2020 – Deadline for abstract submissions

·         Friday 7th August 2020 – Notification of whether your abstract has been accepted for presentation

·         Friday 18th September 2020 – Deadline for the submission of successful candidates’ posters (and pre-recorded presentation, if applicable)

Further details of the date/time of Virtual Research Bites 2020 will be released in due course, and you will be notified of when and how you will be able to see your poster “on display”. While presentations will be pre-recorded, all candidates will be invited to attend the Virtual Research Bites event live to take part in the Q&A discussion.

We see this as a really exciting opportunity to spread some positivity by highlighting the contributions SVNs and RVNs are continuing to make to the profession. We’ll provide additional information as soon as we can, but if you should have any queries in the meantime please contact Charlotte Bullard (BVNA Education Manager) at More information can also be found via our Virtual Research Bites page here.

Good luck, and we look forward to reading your submissions!

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