Free Veterinary Nurse CPD

Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs) usually undertake 15 hours per year of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to fulfill the requirements of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons [RCVS] register. However, because of Covid-19 RCVS has reduced it to 11 hours this year.  It is our responsibility to maintain and develop knowledge and skills that are relevant to our professional practice and competence.

And excitingly, we have found some high-quality free CPD for you to listen to, watch and read - all from the comfort of your home or workplace. The CPD providers cover everything from webinars to podcasts, and also short management and communication skills courses! Check them out below.

The Boehringer Academy

Boehringer Ingelheim has their own online academy that is free and easy to register with. It offers unlimited access to hundreds of hours of webinars, short videos, podcasts, quizzes and quick reference charts and documents.

By registering with the Boehringer Academy, you will have access to all of these educational resources, and it will track the CPD hours you have done and provide you with downloadable CPD certificates. There are also chances to win prizes when you complete CPD!

There is something for everyone no matter what your experience is or interests are, or your role in practice. They cover everything from small animals, equine and farm, as well as veterinary management, executive coaching and wellbeing topics.

Take a look here:

The Open University; OpenLearn

OpenLearn is a completely free learning platform which has over 900 short courses that range from studying for 1 hour, up to 100 hours! For those RVNs who are in a management role, or for those who want to step up into a more senior role, there are a number of courses available which can help you understand more about team communication and mentoring.

These are some of the ones we have found for you:

●     Exploring career mentoring and coaching - this introductory course is taught over 24 hours and covers; what mentors and career coaches do, understand the skills and characteristics required to be effective in these roles and then how to become a mentor or coach when you’re ready.

●     Difference and challenge in teams - this introductory course is taught over only 2 hours and covers; where challenges and differences are within the team, and how to embrace the different individuals in your team to make it benefit and strengthen your business.

●     Effective communication in the workplace - this introductory course is taught over 24 hours and covers; how to communicate in the workplace and how to consider how your communication is being perceived by your colleagues. It looks at both verbal and non-verbal communication, different scenarios, and sets you up to reflect your actions and set goals.

You will earn “Statement of Participation” awards and badges which will track your progress and can be uploaded as evidence of learning for CPD or on your CV.

Take a look at all their other courses here:

Vet Times CPD

The Vet Times has a webinar platform that offers short courses to everyone in the workplace - veterinary nurses, students, receptionists and also managers. They are given by a number of different industry CPD providers.

Here are some of the free webinars on offer:

●     Vets Now provides one hour webinars on “Respiratory emergencies” and “When stress gets too much”

●     VBS Direct has a one hour webinar on “Laser Therapy - Setting up Laser Therapy clinics in your Practice” and one on an Introduction to “Regenerative Medicine”, as well as “Premium Animal Supplements”

Take a look at all their webinar courses here, and keyword search “free”:

So what are you waiting for? With so much on offer, take advantage of all this free CPD now! Don’t forget to record everything you do through the RCVS CPD app or website “1CPD”.

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