President Update

Still feel very honoured

Hello, well I have survived the first three months in this position and I would just like to say I still wake up in disbelief I'm here and still feel very honoured to be BVNA president.

The last three months have been busy but incredibly interesting. I have been introduced to some very interesting people and been able to take part in some interesting discussions.

The first observation I have is that the profession as a whole is very supportive over Veterinary Nurses. This includes SPVS, BVA, VPMA and BEVA. This should not come as a surprise really, it is only expected we are seen as an integral part of the Veterinary team, it just offers a nursing ego boost that our thoughts and ideas are sought and taken seriously.

My year is all about engagement and encouraging nurses to take an active part in their profession and it is through years our regional representatives to spread the word on the work BVNA council are doing to our members. I hope this newsletter compliments the council minutes to help you do that.

Mental Health Workshop

On behalf of BVNA I attended one of the RCVS mind matters mental health workshops. This was incredibly eye opening about the impact poor mental well-being is having on our profession. I learnt about how to stick up on early warning signs and who can support people. If anyone would like a copy of the notes then please just email me.

Protect the VN Title Campaign

As you know BVNA’s main campaign currently is to protect the VN title. We feel this forms the basis for everything else we need to achieve. All other representative bodies are behind this campaign and the RCVS have already changed the code of conduct to reflect the protection.

BVNA have been busy lobbying alongside the RCVS this included attending a parliamentary briefing where I got the chance to speak with a number of MPs about the petition and a local radio interview about the campaign.

Since that reception in October BVNA and BVA have jointly written to the Efra Committee chair, Neil Parish MP to ask the committee to support the protect the title campaign. We have yet to receive a response. 

There has also been an Early Day motion put in which has gathered 30 supporters. Although these are rarely successful it does show BVNA/RCVS are penetrating through. 

RCVS are also encouraging each RVN to write to their local MP to raise awareness and have supplied a template that they can use.

During the meetings I have attended on behalf of BVNA I have found nothing but support for the campaign and the title protection from across the profession and BVNA just feels that it is just a matter of time and persistence that this will be achieved. 

The petition itself has now over 21,000 signatures and is still open until 14th February 2016.


If you haven't had a chance to sign the petition please ensure you do so before the deadline of 14th February as we need as many votes as possible


London Vet Show

This year BVNA not only had a lecture stream but also a stand at the event. This helped us promote our CPD and membership to both vets and nurses. During the congress I also met with Matt Hennessey MRCVS who founded the Veterinary LGBT+ group to find out how BVNA can help, and with the Trusted House sitters Association who are going to write an article for the VNJ about how VNs can become involved. It was also a chance to attend the RCVS practice standards scheme launch and the Vet Futures report.

Meetings Attended

In the last few months I have attended quite a few meetings to represent BVNA and in turn our membership. These meetings included;

  • The VN trailblazers which are a new employer led initiative to provide another format of VN training
  • BVA council meeting where I was at hand to comment on any VN issues
  • RCVS Student VN working party which BVNA were involved with setting up a new fitness to practice guide for students/employers and training providers
  • Vet futures report launch
  • British Veterinary LGBT+ to see how we can help support this group
  • PDSA annual PAW report
  • Nottingham Trent University congress to give a talk about BVNA and the benefits of membership

British Association of Veterinary Nursing Students (BAVNS) 

The inaugural meeting of the BAVNS committee was held last weekend. The aim of the association is to provide representation, support and guidance to our student membership.

Whilst BVNA has always had a student membership category we are hoping the involvement of student council members and college/university representatives will make them feel a bit more supported.

I hope to update you further in my next newsletter.

Thank you for reading my blog.

If you have any comments or questions at all, please feel free to contact me.

Happy New Year!


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