Presidential Update

Spring is nearly here, well at least the days are longer and the weather is slightly warmer (some days!) plus the birds are busy gathering twigs etc. for nest building.

It has been six months already since I took this post and it has gone by unbelievably fast!

I wanted to provide a little update on what I have been doing these last couple of months in my BVNA Presidential role.

VN Futures

I think this is the most exciting project I am involved with so far. Let me tell you a bit about it.... this is a joint project between RCVS and BVNA. The VN profession is a young one and we want to start it off right pointing the way to the future and where we want to be in five years’ time.

After a Vet Futures meeting at BVNA congress last year it became clear that veterinary nurses could not be fully considered in this project so BVNA and RCVS decided after becoming associates of the Royal College we now need to consider where we want to drive the profession for the best.

The VN Futures project kicked off with an initial meeting in January at the RCVS, with over forty representatives from across the profession in attendance. Some key theme emerged of where we need to focus efforts. Now we are taking these themes ‘on the road’ and gathering your thoughts.

We will also be compiling some online questions to try and get ideas from those who could not attend the roadshows.  

To register for an event near you please see

The final VN Futures report will be published at the Vet Futures summit on the 4th July 2016.

Associates of the RCVS

After the Veterinary Nursing profession became the first associates of the RCVS in February last year this was the very first meeting of its kind at the RCVS. It was set up to see if there are other professionals involved in animal health and welfare that could follow a similar path. The meeting was well attended by representative from BVA, DEFRA, APHA, BEVA, VN Council, BSAVA and RCVS representatives.

Each group set out in a presentation how they would like to see veterinary allied professionals/ para-professionals regulated as associates under the RCVS. There could be some important changes in times to come, we will keep you updated.

RCVS Ethics Committee

This ethics review panel is being funded by the RCVS for practicing veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses that wish to undertake practice based research without access to university facilities. It will be free to submit applications though this panel.  

Initially this is going to be running for a year and it would only be for projects involving dogs and cats during this trial period.

If you are an RVN and would like to start a research project in practice then please contact BVNA, we can put you in touch with one our council members who can guide you through the application process when it opens in July.

There will be an official announcement of this panel at BSAVA in April.  

BHWT Chicken Re-Homing Day

I had the pleasure last week to help out our Charity of the Year the British Hen Welfare Trust at one of their re-homing days.

That weekend the charity rescued 4,000 chickens from a battery farm and shipped them out to 15 ‘pop up’ locations around the UK.

When the chickens arrived they are unloaded from their crates and checked over before their new owners come to collect them. The birds are generally very hungry and thirsty, often haven being starved for a few days. Some are cold and shocked so they need a bit of TLC prior to moving on.

At our location we had around 250 hens and they all found wonderful new retirement homes from people who had pre-registered to collect them.

All the volunteers adore the hens and really ensure their welfare is paramount for the whole day.

I want to thank everyone for what we have raised so far for this amazing charity, spending just those few hours have cemented my thoughts that the BHWT is a very worthwhile cause.

If anyone wants to volunteer, register for some hens or just find out more just visit

PetPlan VN of the year Award

I was very honored to be invited as a judge at PetPlan’s Veterinary Nurse of the Year Award along with last year’s winner, Audrey Kelly.

It was an amazing day, getting to read through the nominations that colleague’s and clients had written to explain why ‘their’ VN was the best. We had a very tough decision as the nominations were really good. Eventually we got down to three finalists:

  • Faye Lakin RVN
  • Lorna Mount RVN
  • Helen Russell RVN

Just to be nominated is a fantastic thing and each of you who received a nomination should be very proud. BVNA would like to wish good luck to all three finalists and I will look forward to announcing the winner at the awards dinner on Thursday 7th April…fingers crossed for you all.

To see the finalists from all the other categories, visit

Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month 

After the rejection of the Veterinary Nurse title protection by the Government and the recent BVA survey that shows the general public do not understand to role of the Veterinary Nurse, it would very easy for us to just give up. However, that is not what we are about, we are all proud to be Veterinary Nurses and we should use BVNA’s Veterinary Nurses Awareness Month in May to shout about it.

Think about everything you could do to show your local community what amazing Veterinary Nurses we are, how much we know in order to provide the best welfare for their pets both inside and outside of the Veterinary Practice. Whether its designing your practice waiting room notice boards to show off the wide range of skills we possess or its organising a careers event to inspire the potential Veterinary Nurses of the future, you can even set up a ‘pet chat’ in your local park or community centre. Whatever you choose to show off your skills, just do it! Show your inner Superhero this May!

Please register for your pack at plus also visit our fantastic Facebook page, National Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month.

And finally

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter!


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