BVNA in 2017

BVNA in 2017 will continue to deliver its part in the VN Futures projects; however, we will be looking to the profession to help us too. We would really like to inspire others to get involved in whatever they can to help drive our profession forward. We are at the start of some very exciting projects such as schedule 3 and production of a careers hub that will help start to
develop the veterinary nursing profession.

Our VN Voice portal is going extremely well and has already led to producing some fantastic feedback which council can use to construct positioning statements and truly act as voices for its members! Please, if you have not signed up yet, make it a New Years resolution to get involved! Each poll will feature a handful of quick questions for you to answer and the more people we have feeding into it the better this will be!

BVNA council will be developing a new Officer Team to lead from October 2017; this will be a great sign of moving forward for BVNA bringing in new ideas to be the ‘Voice of the Profession’.

January 2017 will also see the start of our first cohort of students undertaking the BVNA Infection Control Course. With the success of our Wound Course, we hope that these courses will produce some fantastic results and our learners will be able to use and apply their extended knowledge within their day to day work.

BVNA will be continuing to work with RVN’s like Shakira Free-Miles to promote the campaign to end Breed Specific Legislation and being able to work with BVA on important topics such as Animal Welfare and Antimicrobial Resistance.

We will again be offering another year of CPD Roadshow Days, with a section of topics to fulfill everyone’s CPD requirements, alongside more webinars in VN Knowledge to be released each month which is free for members to access.

Our RCO team are continuing to work hard to provide local CPD for each of our regions, so look out for a meeting near you soon, we look forward to welcoming you there!

All in all, BVNA will continue to grow and strive to be the representative body its members are proud of. The New Year will see the 52nd year of BVNA and it is looking better than ever, we will continue to offer all our membership benefits but also work to develop new initiatives and way to support this profession.

From our student association (BAVNS), the National Veterinary Nursing Awareness month, our members helpline, the VNJ and not forgetting 2017 BVNA Congress, it is going to be another great year!

The best is yet to come, Happy New Year!


Samantha Morgan | BVNA President

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