January 2018 | Pain in birds: a review for veterinary nursesAneesa Malik MSc RVN Cert VNES Cert VNECC & Valentine RVN C&GCertVNES, VNCertECC
February 2018 | Laparoscopic Spay - Cathy Woodlands BSc(Hons) VNPA GradDipVN RVN
March 2018 | Controlling and containing equine herpes virus when it finds its way into your clinic - Katherine King Bsc(Hons) REVN
April 2018 | Nursing the Tetanus Patient - Samantha Barber
May 2018 | Chronic renal disease in dogs and cats: Anaesthesia Considerations - Emma Louise Clifforde DipAVN (Small Animal) VTS (Anaesthesia and Analgesia) RVN
June 2018 | How to be a Rabbit Friendly Practice - Claire Speight RVN, A1, C&G Cert in Veterinary Nursing of Exotic Species
July 2018 | Pain in Reptiles: A Review for Veterinary Nurses - Aneesa Malik MSc RVN Cert VNES Cert VNECC
August 2018 | Medical Disorders of the Dog and Cat: A Revision Aid - Crossword Answers
September 2018 | Hospital-acquired infections in the veterinary establishment - Alison Mann BSc (Hons) DipAVN (Small Animal) AFHEA RVN
October 2018 | Capnography: A guide for veterinary nurses - Paula Bagshaw-Wright DipAVN, NCert (A&CC), RVN
November 2018 | An Introduction to Change Management Theory for Veterinary Nurses: Part One - Helen Ballantyne PG Dip BSc(Hons) RN RVN
December 2018 | How to Manage Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Through Diet, Drugs and Behavioural Interventions - Louise Stott RVN