January 2016 | Nursing the Patient with Parvovirus - Blaise Scott-Morris BVSc MRCVS & Dawn Walker RVN
February 2016 | Laparoscopic or Traditional Bitch Spray? A Comparison of Surgical Technique, associated risks and benefits - Laura Rosell DipAVN (Small Animal) RVN
March 2016 | Early Neutering in Cats with the use of the Quad Anaesthetic Protocol - Niamh Clancy DipVN DipHE CVN DipAVN(Small Animal) RVN
April 2016 | Teaching Nursing Skills in the Clinical Environment - Sarah Williams BSc(Hons)
May 2016 | Environmental Enrichment for Pet Rabbits - Claire Speight RVN A1 C&G Cert in Veterinary Nursing of Exotic Species
June 2016 | Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus | Part 1: Diagnosis and Patient Stabilisation - Jennifer McGinnity MVB MRCVS & Elizabeth M.Welsh BVMS PhD CertVA CertSAS MRCVS 
July 2016 | An Overview of Direct (Invasive) Blood Pressure Monitoring - Claire Roberts RVN DipAVN(Surg) VNCertECC
August 2016 | Polite and Protected Puppies: How to run pupply classes that maintain a safe environment and help to establish good behaviour - Angela Turrell BSc (Hons) RVN
September 2016 | Haemoabdomen | Part 1: Diagnosis and Patient Stabilisation - Kiara Mills BVSc MRCVS & Elizabeth M Welsh BVMS PhD CertVA CertSAS MRCVS
October 2016 | Pitfalls and Common Errors of Anaesthetic Monitoring Devices | Part 1: Pulse Oximetry - Matthew McMillan BVM&S DipECVAA MRCVS
November 2016 | Nursing the Artificial Airway Patient - Helen Silver Dip AVN(Surg) Cert SAN RVN
December 2016 | Heatstroke - Providing Evidence-Based Advice to Dog Owners - Emily J.Hall MA VetMB AFHEA MRSB MRCVS & Anne Carter BSc (Hons) MSc PhD FHEA MRSB